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On the Highway to Success, Where are You?

These are agonizing times for almost every business professional to navigate. Camille Jayne, well-known successful business leader, CEO and outside the box thinker, has been hearing from more business professionals than ever "wanting to pick her brain" for advice on how to succeed in this difficult environment. So Camille decided now was the time to offer a Bulletproof Your Success™ lecture series to help others master what she has identified as the critical 8 Competency Clusters of success – complete with specific tools to be used every day to increase their business effectiveness.

Learn with Noted Business Leader Camille Jayne

"Camille has helped hundreds of individuals and companies get on the right
track – including ours. Her work with us as a strategic planning consultant has
resulted in double-digit revenue growth for SMS over the past three years."
–Gloria Robbins, CEO, Specialized Marketing Services, Inc.

"Camille, I cannot thank you enough for the results you accomplished in such
a short time frame. Your intense involvement and direction are testament
to the remarkable structure we have today. You have done more than I
originally expected, and you did it in one-third of the time. You gained the
respect and loyalty of all employees and molded them into an effective team."
–J.D. Power III, Chairman, SkyGuard, LLC; Founder, J.D. Power & Associates

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Bulletproof Your Success™ Lecture Details:
Given at location of your choice
Choice of any of the 8 lectures at any time
A Wealth Management Lecture added as 9th lecture option
$60 per person/lecture - Minimum of 10 people
$50 for every additional person over 10
          2 Lectures per session gets 10% discount
10% discount with Quarterly Package purchase

Gather together employees, clients and/or colleagues for a Bulletproof Your Success Lecture of your choice!

The audience for this learning extends to everyone who wants to work. This is
NOT the time to put your learning on hold, it is the time to get out there and
invest in rising to your Personal Best.

To schedule a lecture for your team or for more information, please send an email to:

Bulletproof Your SuccessLectures
Lectures can be taken in any order.
Each lecture covers one
Competency Cluster. Click on lecture topic below for details.

Lecture: Always the Windshield Never the Bug

Lecture: Speed Walking to the
Big Ideas

Lecture: Get Comfortable Making Others Uncomfortable

Lecture: The Art of Woo Not War

Lecture: People Who ‘Get' People
Get Results

Lecture: If the Devil is in the Details,You Had Better Know Precisely Which Ones!

Lecture: Lights, Camera, Action... Getting People to Listen to You

Lecture: Are You Building Your Business or Just Paying For A Lot of Free Lunches?

Do You Have Your Act Together? Wealth Management

"My goal is to help people achieve their business success potential as much as possible."
Camille Jayne
President, The JAYNE Group
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